Without Updated Tools, NFL still finding Concussions too late

Oculogica Founder Dr. Uzma Samadani is featured in a story Elena Bergeron at the NY Times. Click
to read the full article.

Concussions can cause much subtler symptoms, including headaches, sluggishness
and difficulty sleeping, some of which are not present immediately after a trauma.
The absence of obvious symptoms makes the type of instant diagnosis that is urged
in the N.F.L. difficult without the adoption of updated tools that can measure
concussion symptoms with a higher degree of specificity.
“Basically, anything that your brain controls can be disrupted by a concussion,” said
Dr. Uzma Samadani, a neurosurgeon who was an unaffiliated neurotrauma
consultant for four years at Minnesota Vikings games and who developed an eye-
tracking device to more definitively diagnose concussions. “Is it possible to make an
objective assessment of someone’s total capacity of brain function on the sideline
that rapidly? It’s very difficult.”

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