How EyeBOX Works

EyeBOX captures 100,000 data points based on subtle eye movements and cranial nerve function, generating the BOX score and report indicating the likelihood of concussion.

Step 1

A Patient suffers an injury to the head. Occurrences such as falls, motor accidents, sports injuries and other head trauma happen, on average, at a rate of one every eight seconds.

Head Injury

Step 2

Using the EyeBOX device, the patient watches a video. The device is battery-powered so can be moved to different clinic rooms if needed.

Step 3

EyeBOX collects data points based on cranial nerve function and tracks eye movements. This process is independent of a patient’s language and doesn’t require a baseline for comparison.

Step 4

EyeBOX calculates a score that will aid in determining the presence or absence of concussion.

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