Oculogica Welcomes Dr. Darryl Mayeaux as its First Data Scientist

Oculogica, a leader in concussion diagnostics, today announced that Darryl Mayeaux, PhD, has joined the company as its first full time data scientist. Dr. Mayeaux is based in Allegany, NY. 

With a distinguished career in teaching, research, and consulting, Dr. Mayeaux joins Oculogica’s research and development team to advance the company’s capabilities in classification and prediction of cognitive conditions. Prior to joining Oculogica, Dr. Mayeaux was a professor at St. Bonaventure University in New York where he held leadership positions in the Psychology Department and University Honors program. He has coauthored peer-reviewed scientific papers and a textbook on statistics. Dr. Mayeaux also worked as an independent consultant for research design and data analysis. He received his doctorate in psychology from the University of California – Davis, and completed an NIH Postdoctoral Fellowship, focused on behavioral neuroscience, at Cornell University.   

Oculogica’s EyeBOX captures an enormous amount of data, which is integrated into the Company’s proprietary algorithm to enhance EyeBOX’s diagnostic capabilities. Dr. Mayeaux will lead Oculogica’s data management, analysis and analytical research efforts, further strengthening Oculogica’s ability to diagnose a variety of cognitive conditions. 

“We are delighted to welcome Darryl to our team,” said Rosina Samadani, PhD, CEO of Oculogica.  “We have been gathering and working with our data for years, and it’s very exciting to have someone with Darryl’s unique background and capabilities in-house. His knowledge and expertise in data management and cognitive conditions will enable us to accelerate our capabilities in algorithm development and continuous algorithm improvement, both important areas for us. This will be of incredible importance as we gather additional data and move to more specific diagnosis and therapeutic guidance. This is the beginning of a new era in our company’s data management and algorithm-building capabilities.” 

“I am excited to join the Oculogica team and contribute my knowledge of statistics, neuroscience, and cognition to the development of these diagnostic aids” said Dr. Mayeaux.  “I’m enthused to be part of a team of experts contributing to scientific and technological advancement for human health and wellbeing.” 

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