concussions across various sports

Concussions Across Various Sports

Here’s a question: Which high school sport has an incidence of concussion roughly on par with football? If you said wrestling or hockey, guess again. The answer is girls soccer which underscores an important reality: When it comes to concussion, football makes the headlines but risk exists across a wide range of sports.

 As a parent, it’s essential to recognize this so you can remain aware of these potential risks and be prepare to respond should your child be affected. Read our guide to concussion preparedness.

Concussions can occur in numerous sports, including soccer, basketball, hockey, wrestling, gymnastics, and more. In fact girls high school soccer had a higher incidence of concussion than boys high school football in 2017, although more recent data has shown it be a close second to football. Surprising, right?

Any sport that involves physical contact, sudden movements, or collisions poses a risk of head injuries. As a parent, understanding this risk and being prepared is crucial, regardless of the sport your child participates in.

Below is a table of concussion incidence by sport, as reported by researchers at Northwestern University and Wake Forest School of Medicine.

Concussions of course can happen any time, not just in sports. Take care out there! And if you suspect a concussion, know the signs and what to do .

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