OcuPro Roadside Cannabis Test featured on Kare 11

OcuPro Roadside Cannabis Test featured on Kare 11

The OcuPro Roadside Cannabis Test was shown in action last night on Kare 11 in Minnesota. See the full story here. An excerpt from the segment:

The OcuPro is one of several gadgets Derbyshire showcased in the recent green lab. It’s made only in Minnesota and is described as lightweight and easy to handle.

The device has gone through several design iterations already, according to Joel Sanderson, Oculogica’s chief technology officer. “We’re always exploring new technologies; improving ways to keep doing things better,” said Sanderson.

The OcuPro is packed with technology like a high-speed, eye-tracking camera, high-resolution screens and a powerful computer. The user watches a 30-second video that monitors even the most minor changes in someone’s eyes and determines whether their pupils are abnormal or not.

“We’re replicating the same type of results across lots of different sites, academic institutions, our own studies, and the law enforcement green labs, so a test like this, that gives more confidence and more objective data, is really helpful for everybody because it just makes the whole system more fair,” said Sanderson.

“We’re hoping that the OcuPro can be to cannabis what the breathalyzer was to alcohol,” said Sanderson.

Read the full story here.

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