Dr. Uzma Samadani with the Oculogica EyeBox

New device can diagnose concussions using AI

Founder, Dr. Uzma Samadani is featured in a story by Sarah Philip at Leaps.org. Click here to read the full article.

Using eye movements to diagnose a concussion has emerged as a promising technique since around 2010 Oculogica combined eye movements with AI to develop the EyeBOX to develop an unbiased objective diagnostic tool.

“What’s so great about this type of assessment is it doesn’t rely on the patient’s education level, willingness to follow instructions or cooperation,” says Uzma Samadani, a neurosurgeon and brain injury researcher at the University of Minnesota, who founded Oculogica. “You can’t game this. It assesses functions that are prompted by your brain.”

In 2010, Samadani was working on a clinical trial to improve the outcome of brain injuries. The team needed some way to measure if seriously brain injured patients were improving. One thing patients could do was watch TV. So Samadani designed and patented an AI-based algorithm that tracks the relationship between eye movement and concussion.

EyeBOX® is the first FDA cleared concussion assessment that does not require a baseline test
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