Kare 11: State fairgoers help with brain injury research

State fairgoers help with brain injury research

Kare 11

Ellery McCardle


FALCON HEIGHTS, Minn. – We know fairgoers are smart, but there’s also a unique opportunity at the Minnesota State Fair to help with brain research at HealthFair 11.

People such as Courtney Gill are taking part in new research at the fair.

“It seemed interesting so I thought ‘Why not?” Said Gill.

For a half-hour, participants answer questions and watch videos on a computer which tracks their eye movement. It’s part of Hennepin County Medical Center’s work to find a better way to assess traumatic brain injuries and identify people who don’t recover.

“If we have diagnostic tools that help us classify brain injury better than we can treat it better,” said Dr. Uzma Samadani, of HCMC, who believes brain injuries are one of the last major obstacles in medicine.

“The whole goal of my career is to better classify and treat brain injury and that begins with understanding the problem,” said Dr. Samadani.

“I think it’s one of those social responsibilities, an obligation to continue to advance things and make things better,” said Gill.

HCMC is looking for about 1,000 fairgoers to participate in its project. To participate, stop by the HealthFair 11 booth at the corner of Dan Patch Avenue and Cooper Street.


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