Improve Your Concussion Diagnosis & Management
Using EyeBOX® Technology

Objective. Fast. Reimbursable.

Leading experts are using the EyeBOX device to aid in their diagnosis and management of concussion (mTBI) due to the objectivity and improved accuracy of the test.  Backed by robust evidence, the EyeBOX test is transforming concussion diagnosis and management. 

This is the most current technology available to more precisely assess ocular changes after a concussion, and this data can help us understand which patients would benefit from earlier treatment. I appreciate any tool which helps me eliminate subjectivity in a diagnosis.”  

Elizabeth Pieroth, PsyD, ABPP, MPH, Neuropsychologist, Midwest Orthopedics at Rush.

States with 100% student athlete coverage
through HeadStrong Concussion Insurance Program1

The EyeBOX test is reimbursed by many insurance companies. For student athletes enrolled in the HeadStrong Concussion Insurance Program, the program provides secondary/excess coverage to any other valid and collectible insurance but will become the primary payor if no other insurance is available.  

1 Coverage is secondary/excess to any other valid and collectible insurance.  Visit www.dissingerreed.com or your state’s HeadStrong coverage program for specific coverage information. 
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