Sports Illustrated: Rethinking concussions: Technology helping to broaden the picture

How do you solve a problem like concussions in sports? Fears over the short- and long-term health effects of head impacts in collision sports have already led to rule changes, lawsuits, and decreased youth participation in football and hockey. Last month, a scientific study turned the spotlight onto baseball, concluding that major league players returning to action after having suffered a concussion performed statistically worse at the plate.

Forbes: New Eye Tracking Technology Can Detect Concussions

Evaluating whether a person has suffered a concussion is not an exact science. Although there are clues related to abnormalities in balance and potential findings from a basic neurologic examination, detecting a concussion is often based on a patient’s subjective findings such as the presence of nausea, headaches, feelings of cloudiness, along with dizziness.

Health Day: Eye Tracking May Help to Spot Concussions Quickly

A new eye-tracking method might help determine the severity of concussions, researchers report.

They said the simple approach can be used in emergency departments and, perhaps one day, on the sidelines at sporting events.

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